Sunday, May 24, 2009

Introduction to Me Blog

Posted by Sooty

Well, what to say as an introduction to this. Very basically I had a few people following my antics as an Ex-Pat in the UAE on Facebook, but grew quickly weary of it. Plus Facebook is just an annoyance in many ways anyway (why do I want to know who's a fan of what, or which Hollyoaks character is most like a primary school chum who I've not spoke to physically in 14 years)

I also hope it'll improve my writing skills, maybe you'll get a random rant about life the universe and everything, a review of the latest film/TV I've watched or a small bit of random fiction. Maybe a phrase of the day or something a bit more thoughtful/thought provoking. Hopefully I'll be able to recount the main points of the day (or at least what’s interesting). Whatever it is, I hope some people enjoy it. And if not...oh least I killed some time (that I probably don’t have anyway)

Here’s the start at least



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