Monday, June 1, 2009

What I'm Watching at the Moment - V

Posted by Sooty

Feeling a bit Old School, I've delved back to the mid-80s (when I was born) to watch a cult classic.

This is a show that resonates with me quite well, it investigates the theme I like best about good sci-fi. We as others will use a society driven concept to parallel current and past affairs we know (sideways glance at Start Trek) or to predict futures of eutopia/distopia (blade runner, equilibrium, logans run, the list could go on fractally) I prefer sci-fi where the reaction towards the concept is portrayed, quite thoroughly. You could argue that films like Independence Day or Armageddon do this, and they do to a certain extent, however it is, at best, a sub plot to the romantic character arcs or action set pieces. I prefer the examples of the genre that spelonk right into the subject matter. Investigating on a grand scale the reactions to the events by a huge populace (or at least more than 15 or so). Some that would fall under this category are Miracle Mile (not necessarily sci-fi but definitely worth a mention) Deep Impact and V.

I like shows/films that analyse. What would people do if this event happened. Its a theme that has been explored many times and in many interesting ways. However, I think V was one of the few that did this in a reasonably realistic fashion (given the budget and period) by examining instinct and similar past events and echoing (and sometimes quite blatantly stating) back to them.

Still watching and enjoying this show. with fingers crossed the modern day remake will be as enjoyable.


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